Summer Office Hours

Launch your digital portfolio this summer!

A lot of planning goes into setting up your digital portfolio. Come to office hours to identify your goals and figure out how to best use a digital portfolio to deepen your knowledge on the issues you care about the most.

Office hours are every Thursday afternoon, Friday all day, & Saturday morning. Confirm a time by emailing digitalportfolios@slu.cuny.edu.


What work projects, research interests, and/or political issues do you care about most? At first, you’ll be tempted to treat your digital portfolio as a robust and lengthier version of your resume. However, use your digital portfolio, not just to showcase your work, but to deepen your knowledge and make connections across your academic, volunteer, personal and work-life.


It’s easier to maintain your digital portfolio if you know what is your learning style. For example, do you prefer to learn about an issue by listening to a podcast rather than reading about it? If so, let’s identify a few podcast programs related to your interests that can help you deepen your understanding. Even your reflections should match your learning style and the frequency of your reflections should also match your overall capacity.


Don’t forget to schedule when and how you document your learning and work progress on your digital portfolio. Set aside a few hours this summer to set up your portfolio (~5-20 hours). During the semester, set aside an hour every other week to upload your reading assignment or to reflect on your work projects. CUNY Academic Commons, the platform you will use to build your portfolio, is user-friendly, but don’t underestimate your learning curve!

Check out last semester’s digital portfolio’s