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Lessons from our First Course Partnership

Our first course partnership took place in the 2021 Spring semester.

Positive growth.

Let’s showcase our learning process

Rather than ONLY posting the perfect, well edited, error-free essay at the end of the semester, consider posting on the multiple steps that led up to big outcome. For example, let’s write quick summaries and reflections on our course material.

Comfort level comes with practice

Our digital portfolios are hosted on CUNY Commons, which is a user-friendly platform. But, we all have different learning curves and experiences with computers software. Consistent use will speed your learning and increase your comfort level.

Let’s use our portfolios during class

Using our digital portfolio during class time for taking notes, for example, can help you document your learning process and increase your comfort level. Don’t forget to use visual elements that will help you retain the information.

Plan ahead, stagger overtime, & start early

We are all busy. Considering scheduling the moments you’ll post content on your digital portfolio. This can be course notes, weekly writing assignments, and reflections when you sit down to do research towards your final course project.

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