Welcome to SLU Digital Portfolios

Thank you for visiting the site of the SLU Digital Portfolios initiative, a program at The Learning Hub (previously the Writing Center) at CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) aimed to enhance students’ 21st-century learning. Digital portfolios are a creative online tool to make your learning in the classroom and beyond visible to yourself and others, capture the evolution of your work overtime, and build a purposeful identity as learners and professionals. Digital portfolios also aim to develop your library, research, and digital literacy skills and help to prepare you to address complex problems in an ever changing world of work. The skills you gain developing your own digital portfolio will help bolster your distance learning, work projects, virtual political activism, and beyond.

We launched the Digital Portfolios program in the fall 2020 with four goals in mind:

Pedagogy: A digital portfolios is a virtual space to help you reflect on your own learning and explore your research interests. You can begin by showcasing your best coursework and final group assignments, combine a digital component with a written reflection. The practice of reflecting on your overall academic work will allow you to make meaning and therefore linkages between all facets of your thinking. Your renewed understanding of your own learning will help you develop your research interests and professional aspirations.

Leadership: Digital portfolios are great mediums to showcase the unique leadership of SLU students. You are leaders in your union organizations, community groups, and in your work spaces. A resume is simply not enough to include the dynamic, multifaceted aspect of your leadership and work. In the fall, we began by working with recipients of the Joseph S. Murphy Scholarship for Diversity in Labor. In the spring semester, we will be working with specific courses and any SLU student who would like to develop their own digital portfolio.

Collaboration: Digital portfolios are great spaces to collaborate and learn beyond the classroom. The social aspect of a digital portfolio allows you to communicate with others using CUNY Academic Commons and beyond, both in public comments as well as through private messages, and collaborate in unique ways. Furthermore, as the cohort of students who are helping us inaugurate this program, we are looking to you to help shape the direction of our work and work with us and other students to build your digital portfolios and this program. We welcome any and all feedback as we begin to make suggestions on the content, style, and design of your digital portfolios.

Community: We will be using the CUNY Academic Commons, a neat, open-source platform that will provide you with an opportunity to build a network within the CUNY and SLU community. CUNY Academic Commons is completely free of cost to you and its features has made it increasingly attractive to CUNY faculty and students, our research centers and programs. This open-source platform means everything you create on this platform will also be your own under the Creative Commons license. This means others who might use the content in your site must always give you credit, may not use your material for commercial purposes, and if they transform or build on your material, they must attribute it to you.

For more information, please email digitalportfolios@slu.cuny.edu, check out our blog’s posts, subscribe to our mailing list or join our CUNY Academic Commons Group.