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Thanks for joining us – Build Your Site on CUNY Commons


Thank you for joining us on Friday, February 19th for a workshop on building your digital portfolio on CUNY Academic Commons, a neat open-source platform. CUNY Academic Commons is a user friendly application that allows people in CUNY to collaborate and build websites for all kinds of purposes, including personal projects such as a digital portfolio. Click on the Workshop PowerPoint below in order to learn how to build your digital portfolio site. The PowerPoint presentation includes suggestions for the content and design of your digital portfolio. Start by creating an “About Me Page” and uploading your “Resume.” Remember, all posts and pages can be edited, but pages on your site are static content. Posts and Categories create a more dynamic space that allow you to share periodic reflections.


You do not need to start from scratch. The Digital Portfolios Specialist Marlene Nava Ramos created a mock student profile, SLU ETUDIANT, with all the suggested features discussed during the workshop. This mock student portfolio includes two sample posts, several pages and categories, and primary and secondary menus. You may important all the information of this site onto your own site, if you wish. First create your site by following the steps described during the workshop. Before customizing or editing your site, upload a copy of this site, the file is in .xml form. Go to Dashboard ->-> on the left-hand side bar, click on Tools ->-> scroll down to Import ->-> Click on Run Importer and upload this .xml file of SLU ETUDIANT (Etudiant is “Student” in French!). See screenshot below for guidance.


Do not forget to visit our website for additional resources, as it relates to the content and design of your site. On a recent post, I list 53 potential plugins for your site. Go to your Dashboard ->-> on the left-hand side menu bar, click on Plugins. Go down the list of and check off as many plugins as you wish, then activate by scrolling to the bottom or top of the list, click on the drop down button Bulk Action and click on Activate. Also, check out a recent post on site privacy settings versus your personal/ professional privacy boundaries. Be cognizant of your boundaries and your site’s privacy settings! Lastly, a couple of weeks ago, I also posted on suggested information that can help you create an “About Me” page on your digital portfolio. Check them out!