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URB 600: Classical Approaches to Urban Studies

Professor Attoh’s Course

Check out the digital portfolios from Professor Attoh’s course, Classical Approaches to Urban Studies. This course helped students engage with central themes that define the field of Urban Studies and showcase their learning on their personalized digital portfolios.

We thank participants for their hard work, creativity, and time used to create unique portfolios. We learned a lot from our first course partnership. In this course, students were asked to profile at least two course assignments, a brief biography and resume. Here is a preview of each portfolio, click on the red arrows below.


Evelyn used the RADIATE theme and also rounded her biography image.


Paul used Rowling and gold/ black neutral colors; he also posted about his longtime volunteer work.


Camila used the theme titled, Twenty-Twenty, which is a very clean design.


Marlon, a leader in his community, decided to profile his photography as well as his coaching young people in chess!


Britney, who bravely moved to NYC in the middle of the pandemic, posted about her research passion on disabilities studies


Eileen, a full-time mother, worker, and student, posted about her work projects as a Family Advocate.


Kerry decided to use a personalized header and created a very clean resume style.


Julissa, a Brooklynite with Puerto Rican roots, integrated her love for art while showcasing her coursework.


Aimee, who worked throughout the pandemic, posted about health care workers and their bravery.


Wendi, who is a full time mom, personalized her portfolio to represent her neighborhood in Washington Heights. This is an image of the George Washington Bridge which is an iconic landmark in the Heights.


Carlos, who works int he field of computer science, used his portfolio to showcase his work as an urban planner. He’ll be starting a master’s program in Urban Planning at UPenn in the fall.

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